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Tolly recently spoke with Steve Garrison, VP of Marketing at ZeroStack regarding their complete turnkey private cloud solution managed by intelligent software and cloud-based monitoring & operations. For more information, visit or follow them on Twitter @ZeroStackInc.

Here are a few key elements that we gleaned from speaking with Steve:

Who is ZeroStack?:  ZeroStack uses smart software and artificial intelligence to deliver a self-driving, fully integrated private cloud platform that offers the agility and simplicity of public cloud at a fraction of the cost.

On premises, ZeroStack’s cloud operating system converts bare-metal servers into a reliable, self-healing cloud cluster. This cluster is consumed via a self-service SaaS portal. The SaaS portal also collects telemetry data and uses artificial intelligence to create models that help customers make decisions about capacity planning, troubleshooting and optimized placement of applications. The integrated App Store enables one-click deployment of many applications that provide the platform for most modern cloud native applications. This solution is fully integrated with public clouds to offer seamless migration between clouds.

Founded by senior engineers from VMware and Google, the company is funded by Formation 8 and Foundation Capital, and is based in Mountain View, California.

Cloud Management: During our discussion with Steve, he detailed how ZeroStack can modernize infrastructure via their Z-Brain Cloud Management product. Per ZeroStack, their software can reduce OPEX by leveraging a big-data layer that stores and analyzes rich telemetry using AI and machine learning, which take the guesswork out of capacity planning, upgrades, ongoing management and troubleshooting, as illustrated in the graphic below:

Ease-of-Use: Through the ZeroStack Cloud Management platform, they offer what they call a Z-AppStore. An assortment of applications are available from CI/CD tools to monitoring and data analysis along with big data applications. ZeroStack offers user 1-click application deployments which contain various templates and blueprints. See an example of the interface below:

For more information, visit or follow them on Twitter @ZeroStackInc.

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