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Tolly recently spoke with Len Rosenthal, Chief Marketing Officer and Jim Bahn, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Virtual Instruments  regarding their recent release of VirtualWisdom 5.2, which is an app-centric infrastructure performance management platform.

As readers, may remember we have worked with one part of Virtual Instruments in the past, specifically Load DynamiX on a number of public tests, which is a storage performance testing and analytics solution. Since those tests, Virtual Instruments and Load DynamiX have merged and acquired Xangati, which offered hybrid cloud and virtualisation performance management solutions. With the merger and acquisition, Virtual Instruments is unique in helping enterprise IT infrastructure teams really understand performance both pre and post deployment.  With their real-time performance monitoring, correlation and advanced analytics capabilities, Virtual Instruments is essential for performance-critical infrastructure deployments.

With regards to VirtualWisdom it is the industry’s leading monitoring platform for App-centric Infrastructure Performance Management (App-centric IPM). More specifically, the platform offers insights into the performance and availability of the end-to-end system—across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

The release of 5.2 of VirtualWisdom offers a number of new features and benefits, which are highlighted in the below graphic:

To see a brief demo on the Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom and how it discovers/fixes flow control problems, visit:

For more information on the Virtual Instruments VirtualWisdom 5.2, visit or follow them on Twitter at @Virtual_Inst

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