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Tolly recently spoke with Greg Ness, VP of Marketing and Junaid Islam, President and CTO at Vidder.  regarding their recent release of PrecisionAccess, which they define as Access Control without compromise.

With the increase in malware and targeted threats, and the various compliance directives for asset integrity, protection, network segregation and data privacy Network Access is at the forefront of an effective defense. In addition, the demand for greater access to network resources by different users on a variety of endpoints, including managed and personal mobile devices is driving demand to not only Large Enterprises but also to Small-Medium Enterprises.

Vidder’s next-generation of Access Control focuses on five (5) key points:

  1. Isolate servers from users and devices.
  2. Measure the trust of the devices, software, users and system
  3. Allow access based on trust and role
  4. Provisions access an at application layer to stop malware from spreading
  5. Provides an unified access control across data center, public and private clouds

For those readers becoming familiar with Vidder and PrecisionAccess please see the below image of their architecture:

The architecture of Vidder’s PrecisionAccess per the presentation offers:

  1. Ease-of-Use based on their dashboard per user and color coding based on legitimate users and potential threats
  2. ROI, based on no infrastructure upgrade and pay-as-you-grow model
  3. Applicable for today’s environments which is commonly multiple offices and increased demand of applications by users

To see a brief video on the Vidder PrecisionAccess and use cases please visit:

For more information on the Vidder PrecisionAccess, visit or follow them on Twitter at @Vidderinc.

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