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Tolly recently spoke with Steve Woo, VP of Products & Co-founder at VeloCloud regarding their Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN product that includes a distributed system of VeloCloud Gatways, a cloud-based VeloCloud Orchestrator and a branch platform, VeloCloud Edge.

For those being introduced to VeloCloud for a first time, they have 600 mid/large Enterprise deployment with nearly 50,000 site since being founded in 2012.

Here are a few key elements that we gleaned from speaking with Steve and reviewing the VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN literature:

Application Performance: Given bandwidth expenses and constraint challenges, VeloCloud SD-WAN can assist in improving on-premises and cloud application performance through prioritization (high, medium & low), application steering between links and network impairment remediation. Steve noted that VeloCloud could move a phone call from one link to another sub-second – so a user would not hear a break/glitch. See the below example on how VeloCloud offers application performance:

WAN Complexity: VeloCloud provides a centralized SD-WAN orchestrator, which is an all-in-one management GUI for configuration, management and monitoring. The VeloCloud Orchestrator is cloud-based, facilitates zero IT Touch (one-click service insertion) deployment and provides an activation code for the branches. Some additional benefits it provides are group business level policies and automatic link profiling.

Cloud Migration: The emergence of cloud computing as a viable path for implementing enterprise-class computing solutions brings with it many opportunities. By VeloCloud providing a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN architecture it provides users with direct cloud access that offers improved performance, reliability and security. See the example below of an Enterprise/Over the Top deployment:

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