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SaaS or content providers have limited options to counter slow and inconsistent performance over the public Internet, which can make their applications or websites unusable in certain regions. CDNs can address this somewhat, but more and more content is “uncacheable” and may require alternative and expensive solutions.

Tolly recently spoke with Cynthia Dai, VP Marketing at Teridion regarding KumoX, an innovative service that creates fast lanes over the Internet to improve user experience—without requiring SSL keys or the cost and complexity of replicated points of presence.

Teridion empowers SaaS and content providers to deliver a user experience uncompromised by Internet congestion without additional infrastructure. Teridion’s KumoX service creates on-demand fast lanes that speed application traffic by 10X over standard Internet, providing users with a responsive and secure experience anywhere in the world, on any device. KumoX uses machine learning to dynamically choose the optimal path in real time across a dozen leading public cloud networks, delivering the performance, agility and high availability customers demand.

Teridion KumoX intelligently routes bi-directional web and mobile traffic much faster by avoiding congestion. Teridion KumoX enables your company to quickly gain end-to-end visibility and deliver sub-second response times for end users worldwide.

Teridion KumoX includes monitoring agents deployed globally in hundreds of public cloud data centers. These feed real-time Internet heat map data into a machine learning system that spins up software routers along the fastest routes and adapts to changing conditions.

In these videos, the teams at Egnyte, Merrill, Thru and Upthere (a Western Digital company) discuss the benefits they experienced after implementing Teridion:

An example of the customer UI for monitoring traffic and troubleshooting connectivity issues globally can be found below:

For more information on the Teridion KumoX, visit or follow them on Twitter at @TeridionNet





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