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The advent of high-availability Wi-Fi has led to an explosion in personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and of course, portable computers, for individuals with multiple devices desiring to connect concurrently where ever they are; at home, office, or traveling.

Tolly recently spoke with Ruckus regarding the H320 AP, which combines an 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi access point and two wired switch ports into a single wall-mount device.

Ruckus delivers “simply better connections,” so you can ensure awesome customer experiences. Ruckus’ high-performance Wi-Fi network infrastructure provides secure, reliable access to applications and services no matter how tough the environment. Ruckus’ patented technologies innovate across wireless and wired networks to meet industry-specific needs.

Earlier this summer, Ruckus launched a cost-effective, high-performance Wi-Fi for the hospitality market. This all-in-one access point (AP) and switch drives higher guest satisfaction and minimizes cabling for hotels. The Ruckus H320 all-in-one AP and switch provides hotel guests with fast, reliable Wi-Fi and enables guests to simultaneously connect multiple devices to hotel Wi-Fi networks.

In our conversation with Ruckus, some of the unique offerings they highlighted related to the H320 AP included:

  1. 11ac Wave 2 (with MU-MIMO) access point in a wall-plate form factor
  2. BeamFlex+TM adaptive antenna technology that maximizes in-room coverage ensuring a performance optimized wireless experience.
  3. Two 100Mbps Ethernet switch ports for in-room devices like IP-phones, printers, or smart service bars
  4. Support for Maximum 100 Clients per AP
  5. Cost effective price point for large per-room deployments
  6. Design heritage[1] with the customer (hotels, dormitories, etc.) benefits in mind with rear-facing lights to avoid the intrusion of blinking lights that might interrupt sleep.

For more information on the Ruckus offerings related to hospitality please see the below video:

For more information on the Ruckus H320 AP, visit or follow them on Twitter at @RuckusWireless.

[1] This is part of Ruckus’ 3rd generation of wall-plat APs

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