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As IT architects/administrators look to reduce complexity, deploy infrastructure more rapidly and bring cloud-like speed to the corporate datacenter, there has been the development and emergence of Hyperconvergence Infrastructure over the last few years.

Tolly recently spoke with Jason Pan,Senior Director, Business Development and Product Marketing for Promise Technology’s Cloud Solutions division regarding their release of VSkyCube, a Hyperconverged System, optimized for small and medium enterprises.

Promise Technology is a recognized global leader with 29 years of experience in the storage industry. Promise creates innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of the IoT, Cloud, IT, Rich Media and Surveillance markets. From personal cloud appliances to scalable enterprise IT Infrastructure, blazingly fast post-production tools, video security solutions, and hyperconverged systems, Promise adapts its products to meet the real-world challenges customers face every day.

With a focus on a verticals such as Cloud, Surveillance and Media/Entertainment, the VSkyCube according to Promise provides:

  1. A hyperconverged system optimized for next generation datacenter
  2. Integrates software-defined compute, storage, and networking in a single box
  3. Compute and/or storage capacity can be easily scaled out by demand
  4. Agile IT to keep pace with business cycles

Below is an example of the single pane of glass management system with VSkyView:

For a further introduction to VSkyCube from Promise Technology see the below video:

For more information on the Promise Technology VSkyCube visit:  or follow them on Twitter at @PROMISE_STORAGE

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