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Tolly recently spoke with Ben Bolles, VP of Product Management at Pivot3, regarding their recent release of Acuity, the industry’s first priority-aware HCI software platform that enables IT to confidently consolidate multiple mixed-application workloads onto a single infrastructure while also delivering breakthrough performance.

As readers may remember, a few years ago we worked with NexGen Storage on a performance evaluation. NexGen Storage was acquired by Pivot3 in 2016 which resulted in the release of a version of their hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) later that year that combined technologies from both companies.

Acuity from Pivot3, which has just been launched, is architected for flash and provides customers a roadmap to deliver capabilities to enable policy-based, self-managing software defined infrastructure for hybrid and private clouds. Acuity, as you’ll learn below, consolidates multiple, mixed application workloads – QoS, policy-based, self-managing, enterprise grade data services.

During the discussion with Ben, one of the key takeaways beyond performance and ROI was the focus on the Quality of Service and how it is differentiated. Through Acuity’s priority-aware engine, system admins  can assign policy and service levels to match their application and business priorities. In addition, a user could change the policy on a data store and see it change in real time. Finally, resource priority is guaranteed to mission critical applications. To understand further the benefits around quality of service please see the below image:

To see a brief background on capabilities and benefits of Pivot3’s Acuity please see the video below:

For more information on the Pivot3 Acuity, visit or follow them on Twitter at @Pivot3Inc.

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