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Tolly recently spoke with Gary Kinghorn, Product Marketing at Nuage Networks regarding Virtualized Services Platform (VSP), which unifies cloud networking and SDN across hardware, virtualization platforms (such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Docker containers and Linux KVM), and cloud management software (such as OpenStack, CloudStack and VMware). It consolidates your datacenter and WAN infrastructure under one policy-based platform. And it provides an open, vendor-neutral environment that gives you flexibility and choice well into the future.

Here are a few key elements that we gleaned from speaking with Gary:

Virtualized Services Platform (VSP):  With VSP from Nuage Networks they provide end-to-end (DC-to-branch) network automation with unified and centralized policy management. This removes the islands of networking between branch and data center/HQ so the same business policy can be applied throughout the Enterprise network.

Nuage is built on the proven Nokia 7750 SR (originally Alcatel Lucent) which has been built and deployed over many years in very large scale telco-class production environments. Nuage uses the same core stack of this router to build the SDN controller and management scale out. Similarly, on the data-path side, Nuage provides the high scalability per device for full-mesh VPN tunnels. The same applies to IPSec and re-key intervals.

DevOps Use Case:  During our discussion with Gary, he mentioned a DevOps use case we found to be quite interesting and wanted to share.

Nuage provided the overlay networking for Red Hat OpenStack on Linux KVM for a large online gaming company (PaddyPower Betfair). This process allows for continuous integration and deployment of their online application through IT automation.

The new infrastructure allows the gaming company to handle high transactional load of its day-to-day operations (circa 2.7bn API calls and 120m transactions daily).

Virtualized Security Services (VSS) in VSP: The ability to protect, detect and provide security policy updates on-demand is one of the biggest obstacles to cloud-readiness. Many of the principles of SDN can now be applied to security devices, as in Software Defined Security, a key piece to automating the deployment and provisioning of cloud applications.

Leveraging SDN, VSS from Nuage provides automation of IT tasks for security policy protection and remediation to support an on-demand cloud environment. Gary notes that VSS enables administrators the ability to route virtual traffic to right firewall or IPS, as defined by the application policy, among other application provisioning tasks.

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