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Composable Infrastructure, a new architecture approach to the data center helps customers reduce complexity, deploy more rapidly and bring cloud-like speed to the corporate datacenter.

Tolly recently spoke with Josh Epstein, Chief Marketing Officer at Kamanario regarding their recent launch of the Kaminario K2.N and Kaminario Flex.

Kaminario, a leading all-flash storage company, is helping to redefine the future of modern datacenters. Its unique solution enables organizations to succeed in today’s on-demand world and prepares them to seamlessly handle tomorrow’s innovations. Hundreds of customers rely on Kaminario K2 to power their mission critical applications and safeguard their digital ecosystem.

In August, Kaminario announced K2.N, which is an extension of Kaminario’s all-flash array platform leveraging the high performance of emerging NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) technologies and Flex, a platform for managing and orchestrating composable storage infrastructure.

Kaminario K2.N is a true scale-out storage platform with a backend based on converged Ethernet and NVMe over Fabrics (NVMeF), supporting NVMeF, Fibre Channel, or iSCSI front-end connections. For more details on the software-defined architecture and NVMe connectivity see the below image on K2.N:

Kaminario Flex is K2.N’s Dynamically Composable Orchestration Layer. Flex is able to dynamically reallocate resources between VPAs with no actual physical movement or re-cabling – everything is done via the network.  The Open integration with datacenter orchestration stack provides users with dramatically increased productivity for databases and eliminates the I/O blender effect for virtual workloads. For more information on Kaminario’s Flex please see a blog post from their CTO:

For more information on the Kaminario K2.N and Kaminario Flex, visit or follow them on Twitter at @KaminarioFlash

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