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Enterprise IT departments are always striving to deliver high-quality, agile services to their business stakeholders – at the lowest possible cost. With increased network complexity and reduced resources available to IT departments, network misconfiguration and human error have occurred in a number of public instances recently – which have dramatically impacted businesses and their customers.

Tolly recently spoke with Chiara Regale, VP of Product Management at Forward Networks, regarding their Network Assurance Platform, which simplifies operation of networks to increase visibility and reduce the risk of errors and outages.

Forward Networks gives enterprises a revolutionary new method for network visibility, verification, and change management. Designed to help network teams run their networks in a more efficient manner, and reduce costly device failures and data center outages, the Forward Platform enables engineers and operators to easily visualize and search complex networks, quickly debug problems, verify policy correctness at scale, and predict network behavior prior to making changes to production equipment –  be it for legacy, SDN, or hybrid environments.

The Forward Platform is built on a REST API-enabled analytics engine that enables network engineers and operators to:

  • Perform root-cause analysis at speed
  • Drastically reduce post-change verification time
  • Significantly reduce the number and length of network outages

The Forward Platform, which is available via SaaS and On-Premises deployment, provides the following capabilities:

Search: “Google-like” search engine of the modeled network that provides instant access to the whole end-to-end network behavior and topology.

Verify: The capability to ensure that the network, as configured and behaving, is in compliance with the defined network and security policies.

Predict: Enable users to verify, in a sandbox environment, that network or device changes do not violate any network or security policy, before deploying changes to production.

The example below shows how Forward Networks’ Search collects and organizes data to quickly represent an interactive view of application traffic paths:

A further introduction of Forward Networks by David Erickson, CEO can be found in the below video:

For more information on the Forward Platform, visit or follow them on Twitter at @FwdNetworks

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