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Tolly recently spoke with Dr. Seth Noble, Founder and CEO at Data Expedition regarding their CloudDat product announcement, which is a high-performance software for data transport to and from the cloud designed to meet 21st-century networking demands. For more information, visit or follow them on Twitter at @DataExpedition.

Here are a few key elements that we gleaned from speaking with Dr. Noble:

For those being exposed to Data Expedition and CloudDat for the first time can you please share some background information on the company and the new product?

Data Expedition, Inc.® (DEI®) is the creator of the world’s only data transport software that instantly adapts to fully utilize any network path, maximizing the throughput of existing network infrastructure. Since 2000, DEI has provided data transport solutions to the world’s largest companies across nearly every continent and industry. The company’s patented MTP™/IP technology uses unique flow-control and error recovery algorithms to achieve high-network efficiency across all IP networks. Companies using DEI’s solutions can automatically transport data as fast as the underlying infrastructure will allow without human intervention at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

For more information or to download a FREE trial, please visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Can you go into more detail on CloudDat, specifically its technology and how it can provide the faster data transport?

CloudDat runs on DEI’s patented Multipurpose Transaction Protocol® (MTP™/IP), a modern transport protocol designed for modern IP networks. MTP moves data faster by making the network itself more efficient, and with the skyrocketing dependence on cloud deployments, MTP is poised to become the critical transport mechanism behind a vast amount of network data transfer.

As a pure software solution, CloudDat can be deployed alongside traditional applications without changing or disrupting existing networks. Easy-to-use, FTP-like user interfaces and generous client licensing make CloudDat a quick way to super charge data intensive cloud workflows.

Do you have a public example of DEI product(s) in action and the benefits it provided said organization?

Yes, we have a number of public examples for the likes of Amagi, Associated Press, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, The Walt Disney Company, Lockheed Martin, Proctor & Gamble, Ricoh, and the United States Air Force, to name a few.

In the case of Amagi, who is a pioneer in cloud-managed broadcast services and targeted advertising on TV and OTT they needed a reliable solution with a sustainable pricing model, not based on their bandwidth or number of users.

With DEI’s ExpeDat, which is built on DEI’s proprietary and Emmy®-award winning MTP/IP transport protocol, ExpeDat seamlessly integrated with existing workflows for content transport across Amagi’s infrastructure platforms, and provided complete assurance that data will be transferred as reliably and as fast as their connection allows.

For more information or to download a FREE trial, please visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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