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Enterprises are finding their legacy WAN architectures were not designed to connect users to cloud and SaaS applications.  SD-WAN is providing much needed scalability for bandwidth capacity and versatility to design optimal routes that connect users to the cloud.

Tolly recently spoke with Gary Sevounts, Chief Marketing Officer at Aryaka regarding their release of their State of SD-WAN Connectivity (Internet vs Global Private Networks: Cloud & SaaS Application Performance) report.

Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN combines a purpose-built global private network, SD-WAN, optimization and acceleration techniques, connectivity to cloud platforms, and network visibility in a single solution that is delivered as a service. It helps global enterprises deliver improved performance for cloud and on-premises applications to enterprise datacenters, branch offices, and remote or mobile employees from anywhere in the world. Aryaka’s solution is currently deployed at more than 700 global enterprises.

There are two ways of deploying Aryaka which are 1.) Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) (for branch offices, headquarters and datacenters) and 2.) Clientless SD-WAN (for remote and mobile users).

The State of SD-WAN Connectivity research follows Aryaka’s third State of the WAN Report published by Aryaka yearly for the last 3 years, which closely analyzes annual enterprise WAN traffic and trends, challenges in application performance, WAN reliability and bandwidth access. The report data is collected from anonymous, aggregated metrics from Aryaka’s customer base and spans multiple geos and industry verticals.

The methodology utilized for the data collection for this research included:

  • Randomly generated 100 KB file was sent from one location to another
  • Application response time (Connect Time + Transfer Time) measured
  • Tests were performed over a period of a year

Aryaka’s findings of the year-long test included:

  • Greater the distance between locations, higher the performance benefits of a private network
  • 2.5X lower variation in response time over Aryaka’s global private network compared to the public Internet
  • 4.1X faster application response time over Aryaka’s global private network compared to the public Internet

To further understand application performance comparison over Aryaka’s global private network vs the public Internet see the below image from the Aryaka State of SD-WAN Connectivity report:

The report demonstrates companies using a global SD-WAN solution with a cloud-native private network benefit from significantly faster application performance compared to those using Internet-based SD-WANs.

For more information on Aryaka’s SmartConnect visit or follow them on Twitter at @AryakaNetworks.


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