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Tolly recently spoke with Juan Garza, Regional Sales Manager at APCON regarding their recent release of the IntellaFlex High-Density 40G Blade.

As visibility is essential to network security and application performance management, APCON provided a briefing on their IntellaFlex XR line of scalable network visibility products including the IntellaFlex High-Density 40G Blade.  The blade is optimized for Ethernet network monitoring applications migrating to 40G network interconnectivity and higher concentration of 40G TAP or SPAN monitor feeds.

For those readers becoming familiar with APCON and the IntellaFlex XR product line please see the below images for a breakdown of the XR chassis models and blade options along with specifications:

The blades are designed to accommodate various port rates across 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G network port rates (on ingress) or tool ports (on egress).  The blades also accommodate various value added features such as aggregation/filtering, tool optimization (packet slicing, protocol stripping, NetFlow generation, deduplication, virtual tunnel termination and packet masking) or packet capture/analysis.

Per the presentation by APCON some of the key benefits of their IntellaFlex XR include:

  1. Full license for the entire blade so it is straightforward for end-users to understand.
  2. CAPEX/OPEX total cost of ownership with favorable licensing terms and perpetual licensing options.
  3. Packet masking option on the HyperEngine blade, which masks payload data based on specific Regex signatures. The HyperEngine’s packet masking feature enables data privacy in support of compliance to HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  4. Scalable architecture of the product line designed for field upgradeability.

To see a brief video on the IntellaFlex XR please visit:


For more information on the APCON IntellaFlex XR scalable nework visibility technologies, visit or follow them on Twitter at @APCON

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