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The new generation of collaborative digital workplaces, a surge in IoT devices, and the increased speed of doing business on mobile are leading to questions regarding the readiness of network infrastructure.

Tolly recently spoke with James Mustarde, VP of Marketing and Graham Walker, Product Marketing Manager at Allied Telesis regarding the launch of SwitchBlade x908 Generation 2 modular switch.

For nearly 30 years, Allied Telesis has been delivering reliable, intelligent connectivity for everything from enterprise organizations to complex, critical infrastructure projects around the globe. Allied Telesis is recognized for innovating the way in which services and applications are delivered and managed, resulting in increased value and lower operating costs.

Earlier this summer, Allied Telesis launched the highly-scalable SwitchBlade x908 GEN2 modular switch, which consists of a 3RU chassis with slots for eight high-speed expansion modules, and features hot-swappable fans and AC and DC power supplies. A four-unit x908 GEN2 stack can deliver up to 128 40G ports, or 384 10G ports, and early next year, 32 100G ports.

In our conversation with Allied Telesis on the SwitchBlade-x908 GEN2 they highlighted the following:

  1. 2.6 Terabit switch fabric, with 1905Mpps throughput
  2. Stackable locally and over distance for a flexible network core
  3. Unified Forwarding Table which is ideal for IoT and Smart Cities
    1. Up to 96K MAC address entries
    2. Up to 96K host entries
    3. Up to 32K multicast entries
  4. SDN capable with support for OpenFlow v1.3. Noted impressive performance given that all the flows are forwarded in hardware

For more information on the Allied Telesis SwitchBlade-x908 GEN2 watch the video or visit the product page online.

Video –

Landing page –

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