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Tolly recently spoke with Kurt Raaflaub, Head, Strategic Solution Marketing at ADTRAN regarding Mosaic, a Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) architecture that combines modern Web-scale technology with open-source platforms to facilitate rapid innovation in multi-technology, multi-vendor environments.

Here are a few key elements that we gleaned from speaking with Kurt and reviewing the ADTRAN Mosaic literature:

Mosaic offers architecture and products to help their Service Providers (SP) customers become more agile based on a user-driven service model. The benefits of a user-driven service model include:

  1. Enablement of micro-releases by SP Dev-Ops team
  2. Promote open, best in breed multi-vendor, multi-domain networks
  3. Automate service turn-up/update reducing truck rolls, manual effort

ADTRAN Mosaic Cloud Platform unlocks control and management functions from the underlying network elements, enabling a more flexible, agile services delivery framework. Kurt Raaflaub, says “It is a modern, app-based cloud platform built around open SDN controller, it enables end-to-end programmability of multi-vendor networks and provides OSS adapters for existing IT/OSS integration.”

An example of the Mosaic architecture can be found below:

According to ADTRAN, the Mosaic cloud operates in concert with a modular, component-based operating system. The Mosaic Operating System (OS) enables service providers to rapidly on-board new access technologies and introduce disruptive operational efficiencies while creating revenue-generating on-demand applications across their entire access network. As an open, modular, component-based operating system, ADTRAN Mosaic OS supports rapid service creation, automated/zero-touch provisioning, cloud delivery and hitless upgrade of both residential and business services. ADTRAN Mosaic OS is access technology and chipset agnostic providing support for all physical access media whether fiber, copper, coax, or wireless and emerging gigabit technologies. This flexibility enables service providers to address the greatest potential market for their imaginative subscriber-directed applications.

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