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As part of our Editorial feature on Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD), Tolly recently spoke with Brian Promes, Vice President of Solution and Product Marketing at SevOne.

As you’ll see from our spotlight recaps with the various NPMD vendors the space is broadly defined and within the category there are multiple segments such as packet-based and flow-based technology.

SevOne provides a comprehensive network and infrastructure management platform to the world’s largest CSPs, enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). SevOne extracts and transforms metric, flow, log, user experience and meta data into streams of actionable insights that enables their customers to compete and win in today’s connected world.

SevOne offers a series of solutions to enable the transition to more agile virtualized networks, cloud services and mobile networks leveraging technologies such as SDN, SD-WAN, NFV and Wi-Fi.   Leveraging SevOne Solutions, powered by the SevOne Platform 5.7 release, users can:

  • Extract – Proven scale to meet the big data needs of the world’s largest networks, collecting the broad range of metric, flow, log, user experience, and meta data from all layers of the virtual and physical infrastructure
  • Transform – Real-time analytics with automated baselining and anomaly detection to reduce service delivery risk
  • Stream – Leverage interactive dashboards and reports, as well as message buses for further analysis and correlation by external business systems

Some of the key benefits SevOne with the release of v5.7 highlighted during our conversation include:

  • Agility – Quickly adapt to market changes and roll out new services to meet customer demand
  • Efficiency – Streamline processes and reduce OpEx with automated operational control and business decision support
  • Reliability – Rapidly identify and respond to issues that can negatively affect the user experience with continuous monitoring and analysis of your environment.

With the emergence of SDN the below SevOne image highlights their ability to assist with monitoring:

To learn more about the use of Performance Monitoring related to SDN see the below short video:

Manage Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) | SevOne

For more information on SevOne Solutions, visit or follow them on Twitter at @SevOneInc.

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