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As part of our Editorial feature on Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD), Tolly recently spoke with Mark Milinkovich, Director, Product Marketing at LiveAction.

As you’ll see from our spotlight recaps with the various NPMD vendors the space is broadly defined and within the category there are multiple segments such as packet-based and flow-based technology.

LiveAction is an enterprise software company that enables IT organizations to deliver continuous insight, service assurance, and precise control of their enterprise network environments. Their award-winning network performance management and analytics platform, LiveNX, offers a deep understanding of networks and applies situational awareness to accelerate employee productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Network visibility is essential to network security and performance management. LiveNX provides an interactive network topology of LiveNX displays traffic flows and the network devices that communicate those flows across your network: routers, switches, wireless devices, firewalls, WAN Optimization Controllers, Application Delivery Controllers, etc. The topology allows network managers to identify the pertinent characteristics of any issues, and then pivot to the topology for more detail analysis. Additionally, historical flows can be examined from any date and time in the past with the flow playback feature.

Also, through LiveNX Insight, users can apply machine learning for autonomous network operations. LiveNX Insight extends the LiveNX platform by continuously learning, automating routine tasks, optimizing digital experiences, proactively preventing network problems, and enhancing enterprise security.

Some of the key benefits LiveAction highlighted during our conversation regarding LiveNX included:

  • Real time visualization for situational awareness
  • Network management, QoS control and historical traffic playback
  • Ease-of-use given product history with military/DOD
  • Strong partnership with Cisco

Your wide-area network (WAN) is the highway connecting your users to your business applications. With SD-WAN being such a popular application of SDN we wanted to highlight LiveAction’s management of SD-WAN in the below graphic:

For a further introduction to LiveAction LiveNX please see the below video:

For more information on the LiveAction LiveNX, visit or follow them on Twitter at @LiveActionIT.

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