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As part of our Editorial feature on Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD), Tolly recently spoke with Damian Roskill, Chief Marketing Officer and Sean Armstrong, VP of Products at AppNeta.

As you’ll see from our spotlight recaps with the various NPMD vendors the space is broadly defined and within the category there are multiple segments such as packet-based and flow-based technology. AppNeta’s focus is rather unique in that it is a SaaS based architecture.

AppNeta, a leader in application and network monitoring, recently unveiled the AppNeta Performance Manager, a new SaaS-based service that unites the three key aspects of measuring and monitoring application performance in a complete solution by combining application usage, delivery and experience data, which is great timing for our editorial on NPMD.

Through AppNeta’s TruPath technology it provides active, continuous and low overhead real-time network performance for every hop in the network path. TruPath provides real-time monitoring of ongoing performance along the entire application path and sees the network as the applications do. To better understand the TruPath technology please see the below graphic:

Given Tolly’s utilization of synthetic traffic like Ixia IxChariot for our evaluations we found that part of the announcement to be of particular interest, which makes sense given the Founder of AppNeta, Fred Klassen to be the maintainer of Tcpreplay open source project. Performance Manager combines Synthetic Transaction Monitoring (STM) with AppNeta’s patented active network insights, providing critical visibility into both application and network performance, leaving behind other STM offerings that are blind to the network.

In addition, given its SaaS based approach it provides customers a clear and investment protection pricing, which starts at $199 per app, per location/year. To see more pricing options based the size of your company and needs please visit:  Please note AppNeta also noted that they offer a private cloud option for customers.

For more information on the AppNeta Performance Manager, visit  or follow them on Twitter at @AppNeta.

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